Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann's Revealing Top Gets Some Camera Time During A Blues Game

The St. Louis Blues returned home earlier this week after a four-game road trip to take on the Calgary Flames. The Blues won the game, but it was a highlight that took place off the ice that is getting all of the attention.

A quick shot of the crowd after a Blues goal in the third period, that tied the game, showed a couple of fans cheering on the hometown team. One of those fans likely caught the camera operator's eye with her revealing top.

Upon further review that fan in the revealing top is none other than the world's No. 1 tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann. She's a St. Louis native, and from the looks of it, a Blues fan as well.

The game tying goal was the last of regulation and the game ended up being decided in overtime. The Blues won the game on the ice, 4-3.

Rachel won the game off it. She captured some camera time and reacted to it on Twitter. She spotted the clip of herself and dropped a funny line. Rachel said of the clip, "There they are. I mean there I am."

Rachel Stuhlmann Is So Good At Influencing She Does It On Her Days Off

Hockey, for all of its flaws, has a long history of showcasing its fans. It usually comes in the form of a fan distracting viewers from behind the bench.

When you're the world's No. 1 tennis influencer you don't need to sit behind the bench to grab attention. Sitting in the view of a camera operator is all that's necessary.

Is there a future for Rachel behind the bench grabbing headlines? Maybe. For now hockey is an off-day activity from her main focus - tennis.

Tennis is starting to heat up and she has influencing to do. That includes an announcement on Friday, which she teased on social media.