Tennessee Fans Have ZERO Chill With Banners Joking About Henry Ruggs, Tua's Head Injury And Incest Ahead Of Alabama Game

Saturday's game between Tennessee and Alabama is going to make for an absolutely raucous environment. The Crimson Tide travel to Knoxville as the nation's No. 3-ranked team with the Volunteers just three spots back.

College GameDay will be in town, both fanbases are going to roll deep into the sold-out matchup and there is a lot of hype around the possibility of an upset. The buzz is palpable.

However, as Tennessee fans prepare to host Alabama fans, some truly bold and questionable signs have popped up in the city. Some toe the line between appropriate and inappropriate, others do not.

One seasonly relevant sign makes a joke about Bama fans and incest. It's a pretty good pun.

Another sign also took a similar angle in regard to incestuous relationships. It was not quite as creative and its joke has been told time and time again, particularly amongst SEC fanbases.

While neither sign was particularly welcoming, neither crossed a line and they're both worth a good chuckle. However, with that being said, are they not the pot calling the kettle black?

The same joke about incest amongst Alabama fans can be made about Tennessee fans... and Mississippi State fans, and Arkansas fans, and so on and so forth. By pointing the finger at the Crimson Tide, are four fingers not pointing back at the Vols?

It seems like that one should have stayed in the chamber, since it can be flipped right back around.

Other Tennessee signs in Knoxville ahead of the Alabama game are not quite as mundane.

Tennessee fans did not hold back even a little bit and they may have crossed a line along the way.

One banner made light of former Alabama wide receiver Henry Rugg's fatal car crash in Las Vegas and how fast he was going at the time of impact.

Another sign took aim at former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and his recent head trauma.

Both signs are extremely bold. But did they go too far?