Teenager Arrested For Alleged Carjacking On Sesame Street

Crime is really getting out of hand these days. Nobody seems to be safe, not even on Sesame Street.

A 16-year-old was arrested last week for his involvement in an alleged carjacking on September 10 in Toronto. The crime took place near Pharmacy Avenue and Sesame Street.

According to the Toronto police, prior to the carjacking the victim stopped their car in a parking lot at a different location and picked up two women. The group then drove to where the carjacking took place and they all exited the vehicle.

After the three women got out of the vehicle, two males in masks approached them. One of the men had a knife and demanded the keys. The suspects then drove off with the car.

Less than a week after the carjacking one of the male suspects had been identified by police. He was arrested and according to police a search of his residence recovered clothing allegedly worn during the crime.

The 16-year-old faces robbery with offensive weapon, disguise with intent, conspiracy to commit indictable offense, two counts of possession of property obtained by crime, and failure to comply with probation charges.

This isn't the Sesame Street you grew up on

Police are still looking for another male suspect and two female suspects. It sounds like the two women picked up by the carjacking victim might have been in on the crime.

The good news is that the victim's car was recovered and that this didn't take place on the actual Sesame Street. Although we did learn a few lessons.

The most important of which has to be that even without guns, criminals still find a way to commit crimes with weapons.

Thank you, Sesame Street.

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