Team England's Wives & Girlfriends Are Staying On A 'Floating Palace' During World Cup So They Can Party In Peace

Hey Qatar, good luck stopping Team England's wives and girlfriends from partying their asses off during the World Cup. While the repressive Qatari government plans to suck the fun out of the fun on its soil with ridiculous rules and regulations, England's WAGs will be partying their asses off on a billion-dollar luxury ship MSC World Europa dubbed the 'Floating Palace.'

Featuring six swimming pools, 30 bars and cafes, a movie theater, a casino, a shopping mall, salons, clubs, a micro-brewery, basketball courts, bumper cars and a roller disco rink, the Floating Palace is just what the WAGs will need to stay out of trouble with a government just waiting to crack down on hot chicks having fun.

Hey Qatar, deal with it.

The wives and girlfriends are scheduled to live aboard the ship from around November 20 until December 18, if England can survive and advance to the World Cup finals, something that hasn't happened since 1966.

Why live on a ship the entire World Cup?

Imagine the international disaster if a Qatari jail is loaded with 15 English WAGs who disobeyed rules against partying their asses off. That's a total mess the world doesn't need right now.

Enter the Floating Palace and the ability to party in international waters of the Persian Gulf.

"Due to the fact the boat is off shore, guests can have a drink and enjoy themselves without having to worry about falling foul of Qatar's strict rules," a source told the Daily Mail.

"And many hotels aren't even allowed sunbathing areas. But by staying on the boat guests just relax and have a great time. If England do go all the way it's likely to become like a carnival on board."


The math isn't hard here. The wives and girlfriends want to show some skin, create some tabloid content and suck down cocktails. Being flogged and sentenced to 10 years in a Qatari prison for grabbing some rays would be the dumbest move in World Cup history.

Let's take a look at the Qatar rules that others will face:

• Dressing modestly in public

• Abstaining from drinking alcohol

• No PDA

• No swearing

• No playing music, singing, shouting, or acting 'inappropriately' during the call to prayer

Now just imagine the English handlers trying to prevent these slam pieces from staying out of jail. Impossible.

Now meet Team England's wives and girlfriends who will attempt to stay out of prison during the 2022 World Cup:

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