Taylor Swift's Cat Is Worth More Money Than You (And Your Entire Family)

You already know that Taylor Swift is worth more than you from a financial standpoint.

But I'm here to give you the uplifting news that even her cat is better off than you and your entire family will ever be.

Happy Thursday everyone!

In a new report by All About Cats, the 33-year-old music sensation's cat "Olivia Benson" is ranked as the world's third richest cat.

She's worth a reported $97 MILLION.

Was that a sarcastic "Ha!" I just heard you say out loud while you waste away in your cubicle life?


The report looked at a variety of factors in determining the cat's estimated net worth including Instagram analytical data to determine the ad revenue the influencer cat would make. In Olivia's case, because she is Swift's - she actually goes up and beyond just being a "Catfluencer."

“Olivia has found success outside of the world of Instagram influencing,” the report reads. “The Scottish fold earned her fortune starring alongside her owner in several music videos, has crafted her own merchandise line, and has had cameos in many big-budget ads.” Some of those commercials were for significant companies such as Diet Coke, AT&T and DirectTV.

Fans may also recognize Olivia from appearing in various Swift music videos for hit songs like "Me!" and "Blank Space."

By the way, Swift's net worth is reportedly around $570 million according to a 2022 Forbes report.


Olivia is a Scottish fold cat and Taylor named her after the character portrayed on Law & Order: SVU, which is one of her favorite television shows.

But it just doesn't end there.

Although Olivia is ranked third on the top animal list, just a few million behind an Instagram-famous cat named "Nala," they are nowhere NEAR the No. 1 holder.

Allow me to introduce Gunther VI, a German shepherd dog worth HALF A BILLION DOLLARS.

*This is the part where you throw your hands up in the air and say I quit everything*

Yes, Gunther the Sixth is worth a ridiculous amount because HIS OWNER GAVE HIM THE INHERITANCE.

The late German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein and through the Gunther corporation willed the pooch the estate and fortune after passing in 1992. The dog's worth went from $80 million at the time to $500 million today thanks to amongst other things, real estate investments.

Gunther VI made headlines when "he sold" Madonna's Miami mansion for $29 million last year. He used to sleep in the same bedroom Madonna used to use. How about that.


I have so many questions about what one does when their animal is worth so much money.

You know when an expensive diamond is transported and it has its own security detail? Is that what Taylor has for Olivia whenever she has to go to the vet or go somewhere? What about the other animals that are worth tens of millions of dollars?! Do they have like butlers and people always on their call?

Here I am thinking that it's a huge win when a dog I know won a competition at the local 4-H fair. Don't I feel like a damn idiot now.


Listen, anyone who owns a pet will be the first to talk about how much they adore and care for them.

Hell, there's even been recent studies that show that some pet owners - as much as 2/3rds take better care of their pets than themselves! While some other studies show that some prefer their animals than other human beings.

Personally, I think it's pretty crazy to leave your inheritance with a dog. But I can't fully say until I become a multi-millionaire myself and do a follow up article.

Regardless... just take comfort as you take a giant sigh and prepare for another day reliving your "Office Space" life that yes, even cats are making more money than you and your college-educated debt-ridden self is.

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