Talk Show Host Celebrates Death Of 'Trump Supporter' At Georgia Race Track

Longtime radio show host Tomy Leykis, who has all but faded off into obscurity, got some attention Monday night when he seemed to get enjoyment out of a Georgia man being killed by shrapnel after a car crash at a race track. The incident also injured a 9-year-old, but Tom was fully focused on 57-year-old Paul Bellenger.

"One less Trump supporter," Leykis, who had a top-rated nationally syndicated show from 1994-2009, told his Twitter supporters. Tom, 64, then went to war with those who took offense to his tweet, throwing around "Trumptard" and "hillbilly."

Leykis has made a career off such statements that whip his opponents into a frenzy that's then used for ratings. The difference now is that Tom's in the twilight of his career and he's doing the podcast thing where customers are charged $11 a month to hear Tom rant about COVID, anti-maskers, Trumptards, hillbillies and other hot topics like single mothers.

Tom will also mix in some relationship topics such as 'Her problems are not your problems. Many men who are getting f--ked and sucked by a woman end up feeling obligated to help her with her various problems: financial, family, mental illness, PMS, other men's children, and more.'

A quick search shows that Tom has been prodding Trump supporters for years. Look at this from 2015. Tom's been wanting to fight Trump fans for ratings way before 2021.



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