Sydney Sweeney's Flat Stomach & Micromini Skirt Triggers The Wokes

Just when you thought it was safe for all women of all sizes to show off their bodies -- remember how we were supposed to cheer for Lizzo's giant ass at a Lakers game? -- along comes 24-year-old actress Sydney Sweeney and her MTV Movie Awards attire.

It turns out Sweeney's micromini skirt and half-shirt throwback to better times in pop culture has triggered the wokes so much that Yahoo! claims that micromini "feels like a threat to body positivity" movement.

That's right, the wokes would be happier if Sydney, who plays Cassie Howard in HBO's Euphoria and The White Lotus, were a huge fat ass who put on 200-plus pounds to shake her ass at a Lakers game.

"While the low-rise trend has already been seeing a resurgence, the red carpet moment is triggering a response from people who'd like to leave it in the past," Yahoo blogger Kerry Justich writes.

Citing an Instagram post where the wokes were up in arms over Sydney's attire, Justich laid out the claims of this being a triggering offense.

"No shade to beautiful Sydney… but I'm sad we're seeing more of this ULTRA low rise waist and ULTRA flat tummy look again," one person wrote on the Instagram post. "So coveted yet unachievable for so many of us with different builds."

Solution: don't try wearing it.

"Watch body positivity go down the drain once the low rise fashion takes over again," and "Low rise NEVER AGAIIIN! Young generations: learn from the pst!! Don’t ruin your body!!!" two wokes wrote.

Ah yes, they should hammer late-night pizza and booze and become massive pigs instead.

It turns out the micromini and wokes were at war before Sweeney's aggressive behavior at the MTV Awards.

"A lot of it, too, feels very glorifying of a body type that we've been working against actively for many years now. The body type is very reminiscent of the early 2000s, when we had all these big conversations around anorexia and fashion and bulimia and how these models were treated back in the day, which is not great. And for a lot of people it feels kind of triggering," a plus-sized activist told Yahoo for a previous story on the micro.

Sounds like some body shaming to me. You wokes need to clean up your acts and stop bullying these women for wearing clothing that they feel sexy in. We weren't allowed to say Lizzo looked like a blimp at the Lakers game. You need to stop picking on Sydney and her micromini.

You stay in your lane. Sydney will stay in hers.

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