Swanky Cobra Kai Mansion Available For Rent

Cobra Kai fans can now kick it at karate's most famous mansion.

The LaRusso house, home to the Karate Kid himself, Daniel LaRusso, is now available to rent. But you'll need more than an All-Valley trophy to afford to stay in this dojo.

Per TMZ, the short term rental recently underwent $1 million in restorations. And, well, someone has to pay for those fancy faucets and granite countertops. That's likely why the 9,214 square foot pad will cost you $2,300 per night.

After your wallet's been Crane Kicked, you'll at least have plenty of space and amenities to entertain within. The home features 6 bedrooms - each with their own private bathroom - a heated pool, spa, garden, pond, fire pit and a carb-loading station that's also commonly referred to as a wood-fired pizza oven.

Wait, Where Is It?

$2,300 for a night in California is pricey, yet not overly surprising. But, this dojo isn't in (Encino) California, where the Cobra Kai series is based. Nope, this swanky pad is in the Peach State.

That's right. You'll be walking around in your karate gi and drinking those Johnny Lawrence-inspired Coors Banquet beers down south. Specifically, this short term rental is located in Marietta, Ga., just outside Atlanta.

Cobra Kai's Fifth Season Premiered Last Month

This house has something for everyone...with deep pockets. If you're willing to shell out the $2,300 bones for a night, plenty of extras are readily available - for a price. TMZ states that access to karate lessons, a private chef, chauffeur services, exotic car rentals, a masseuse, private security and a private jet can be arranged.

The amenities all seem lovely and the idea of breaking bread in the LaRusso kitchen has some appeal. Especially considering that's where an iconic Cobra Kai fight scene went down (hello, season 3 finale). But for my money, I'm going to occupy that high-priced couch with some low-priced beer and catch up on the greatest tv character of the last decade, Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence.

Book This Spot Now

This Cobra Kai house, which recently sold for $2.4 million, is now available for rent on VRBO.

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