Suburban Chicago Moron Hands Out Weed Gummies For Halloween After Running Out Of Candy, Police Allege

Just when you think Chicago and the suburbs might be turning the corner after recording just 14 shootings, including three children, but no deaths via bullet holes on Halloween, along comes this moron Jarod Feilen and his weed gummies.

Jarod admitted to police that there was such a run on Halloween candy at his residence that he ran out of mini Snickers and resorted to giving kids gummies instead. Police believe those weren't ordinary gummies. The fuzz believes those gummies are laced with THC and could send kids to the dark side of the moon.

"He said that he ran out of candy. So he had some, some little baggies and he put some of his gummies in there and started distributing them," Chief Bill Joyce of the South Chicago Heights police department told reporters. "One of the neighbors said that he had a bowl full of them and after during the interview, he said that he distributed – he probably gave about 20 of them out."

Now police are hunting for the 20 packs of alleged weed gummies before some innocent kid takes starts thinking he's Snoop Dogg. Joyce says police have located 8 packs of the (alleged) good stuff; a 4-year-old had three packets in her Halloween bag.

Meanwhile, Feilen fired up Facebook to infer that the gummies were actually "Albanese Confectionary Pineapple Gummi Bears," if you want to believe him.

According to one Chicago-area weed store, a 10-pack of gummies can range in price from $25-$30. My Michigan weed experts tell me those prices can range from $25-$40. "10 gummies, 10 mg per gummy," the hookup states.

Now, at this price, the logic here is to close up shop on Halloween and save your alleged weed gummies for yourself. Not for Jarod. This guy is so loaded financially that he's just giving out gummies like it's no big deal. Inflation clearly isn't affecting this guy.

Cops aren't amused. They want those remaining 12 packs of gummies off the streets before some kid turns into a stoner and starts requesting Domino's and Mountain Dew at midnight after a Roblox bender.

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