Study Says As Many As 20K Adult T-Rexes Roamed North America At Once

If you thought Godzilla was one bad dude, just wait until you get a load of Tyrannosaurus rex -- all 2.5 billion of them.

At least that's how many once roamed the Earth during their supposed run of "2.4 million years" in western North America, Reuters reported.

As Reuters relayed, researchers came to the conclusion that as many as 20,000 adult T-rexes were in North America at one time.

Researchers reached this conclusion after they "considered factors including the size of its geographic range, its body mass, growth pattern, age at sexual maturity, life expectancy, duration of a single generation and the total time that T. rex existed before extinction 66 million years ago. They also heeded a doctrine called Damuth's law linking population to body mass: the bigger the animal, the fewer the individuals."

The T-rex was the largest of the carnivorous dinosaurs, with a skull that stretched about five feet and teeth the size of bananas. While it had embarrassingly puny arms (and just two fingers on each hand), it could supposedly crush bone in a single bite, possessed a strong sense of smell and had massive legs to track down prey.

"Like Godzilla, but actually real," paleontologist Charles Marshall, who led the T-rex study, told Reuters.

Actually, from the sounds of things, Godzilla met his match. And the opponent went 2.5 billion strong.

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