Man Sues Las Vegas Stripper For $38.5 Million, And The Details Are Comical

An Arkansas man is attempting to sue a Las Vegas stripper for millions of dollars, and this is what I like to call content gold.

Fred Brunner is suing the unnamed stripper for $38.5 million after she led him to believe they were in an exclusive relationship for roughly a decade, according to 5NewsOnline.

Brunner met the Sin City dancer in 2014 when he was going through a divorce and "decided to go to a Las Vegas gentleman's club to smoke a cigar and have a few cocktails," according to court documents obtained by the outlet.

Many such cases, my friends. Many such cases, but most don't end like this one.

Las Vegas stripper sued for $38.5 million.

The lawsuit alleges the stripper created "a make-believe relationship" with the goal of squeezing Brunner for cash. It appears to work because the woman allegedly collected $3 million in cash, a house and had Brunner pay for trips.

Are you sitting down? I hope so because there's a development you'll never see coming. She was allegedly with another man the whole time!

"Contrary to her countless representations to Brunner, the woman was in fact in a romantic relationship with another man in Las Vegas," the lawsuit claims.

Wait, you mean to tell me the stripper allegedly didn't actually love the man handing her cash? Wild. It's almost like a stripper's job is to separate you from as much of your money as possible. This revelation is honestly life-changing.

Do you sense my sarcasm? I hope so because I'm pouring it on as thickly as I can. This is an all-time reminder that strip clubs aren't where you meet your future wife/girlfriend.

It's a venue to blow some money with your buddies and that's it. Strippers will say literally anything in order to get some more money. If you tip your hand that you're allegedly willing to hand over millions, then you're going to get cooked.

Also, I need to know ASAP what club this woman worked at….for research purposes of course. Just doing my job. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Best of luck to Brunner in his lawsuit. It sounds like he's going to need it. Do you have a wild stripper story? Let me know at

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