Strip Club Wants Its Strippers To Start Serving As Weed 'Budtenders' In The Name Of 'Cannabis Tourism'

Is America ready for its very first topless weed dispensary strip club?

The Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the topless weed dispensary strip club industry -- Nicholas Spanola, 34, and his business partner Julius Sokol, 42 -- say they're ready to reopen the "Whately Ballet" (also known as Castaway Club) where they're going to revolutionize the getting baked game.

These budtrepreneurs believe the "small twist" they're about to unleash on the strip club game is going to be a game-changer for "cannabis tourism" industry. The fully nude dancers at the old club will be replaced with topless "budtenders" and booze will be replaced by weed that will turn this club into what sounds like a topless Pink Floyd laser light show experience.

In February, the budtrepreneurs told the Franklin County, Massachusetts planning board that having a niche to stand out in a crowded industry is necessary for survival. These two think they have just the right hook to lure customers into their bar.

“We do have some experience on the cannabis side and some on the nudity side,” Spagnola told the planning commission. “We want to replace this night club scene and alcohol with something that is harmless in comparison.”

When pressed by a planning commission board member on who would be topless, Spagnola said the club's past employees could pivot right into the new topless "budtender" roles.

Smart, right?

According to, there are currently 200 clothed dispensaries in Massachusetts.

“The market is very saturated. There are a lot of operators, and everyone is offering the same experience,” Spagnola explained during an interview with the Boston Business Journal where he laid out more of his plan. “This is definitely a way to stand out while also keeping the spirit of the existing business alive.”

This brings us to the question of whether there are weed buyers out there who are jonesing for a topless experience while perusing the buds. Are there couples out there who are looking for a naughty experience before getting baked out of their minds?

I'm no weed expert, but the weed aficionados I hang out with on the golf course and in life tend to just want to buy their weed and sit on the patio and blaze and listen to 16-hour Phish shows at Madison Square Gardens.

And how do the budtenders make their money? Tips?

That might be a hard sell for the ladies who are used to guys getting wasted and losing track of how much they've tipped. Or do these ladies get tipped out on weed? An eight-hour shift of slinging weed turns into two complimentary grams of Acapulco Gold?

Just think of the DJ job in a topless weed dispensary. That might actually need to be a social media reality show spin-off project for the strip club guys. You'd need just the right kind of stoner voice to call Buda to the dispensary stage.

Stay tuned. This is one to watch.

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