Strip Club Offers Sex-Crazed Tennessee Cop A New Job

Maegan Hall, the former Tennessee cop who was fired for having all sorts of sex with her coworkers, has received a new job offer from a Nashville strip club.

An internal affairs investigation by the La Vergne, Tennessee police department determined that Hall and five fellow coworkers engaged in basic sex, sex acts, sexting, 'Girls Gone Wild' hot tub behavior and swinging activities. By the end of the investigation, the department determined that Hall and four others should be fired for their behavior. Two other cops kept their jobs, but they were suspended for their out-of-control behavior.

Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville, which knows Maegan, 26, could use a bounce-back opportunity, announced this week that the club would like to hire her to perform at its 34th-anniversary party in March, according to a report from Nashville Scoop.

Let's talk some financials here.

Deja Vu told Scoop that it's willing to pay horndog Maegan for two shows at the anniversary party. Each performance would net her $5,000 for a final tally of $10,000 for a performance Tennessee would talk about for decades.

Based on, that would be a quarter of what Maegan made at the La Vergne Police Department in 2021. So, this is serious money we're talking about here.

“I get the moral outrage,” Michael Durham, a Deja Vu regional director told Scoop. “However, she is no longer an employee of the LaVergne Police Department. She can now choose what is best for her financially.”

Meanwhile, Maegan and Jedidiah are laying low. Her Facebook page has been disabled and when confronted by a Daily Mail reporter, Maegan claimed she is ready to "move on and live my life."

But, let's not forget, according to the Mail, Maegan once listed on a talent search site that becoming an actress was one of her big dreams.

Uh, I don't want to twist her arm here, but there's a big pile of cash on the table here to become an actress for one night.

Look, the lesson here is simple: If you're a sex-crazed ex-cop who was banging multiple members of the police department, there's no going back from this. Your name is forever in the Google archives. It doesn't matter how many church services Maegan attends over the next six months, you get this woman on a houseboat on the Tennessee waters and the wildcat is going to unleash. One seltzer turns into 15 and before you know it, she's engaging in oral sex up on a hillside.

As for the husband, Jedidiah, you have to move on here. There are more fish in the pond, brother.

Don't disrespect yourself by wondering what your wife is doing while she's at Aldi buying groceries.

Or, if these two are thinking of seriously staying together, at least cash in on the 15 minutes of fame.

$9.99 on OnlyFans. Ride that wave. Leave those law enforcement jobs behind.

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