Steelers Fan Amanda Vance Gets Obnoxious In Cincinnati

One of the NFL's top content creators IS BACK.

As if having to watch MY Bengals choke away the first game of the season, here I am on Monday afternoon having to watch former Miami Dolphins cheerleader turned sports handicapper Amanda Vance dance on Cincinnati's opening day grave.

Plus, I have to watch this disgusting display of celebration eight months after Amanda wore a Joe Burrow jersey at the Super Bowl where she SUPPORTED the Bengals.

I'm telling you, these NFL free agent Instagram models are something. Put it this way, they ain't loyal.

If there's any positive from Amanda's Sunday performance it's that she loves a Bud heavy tall boy. Do you know how many former NFL cheerleader Instagram models suck down Bud heavys? Like zero.

I've researched this stuff.

You'll see them suckin' down a seltzer at a tailgate, but never a Bud big boy beer. And for that, Vance goes straight into the OutKick NFL pop culture 2022 rotation after falling off the radar during the offseason after a strong 2021 when she jumped through a table at a Bills tailgate.

Hey Instagram ladies, be like Vance this fall. Create some actual content besides sitting there taking Tiktok selfies. Crank up the content game for once.

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