Stanford Professor Guarantees Aliens Are Walking Among Us

Stanford professor Dr. Garry Nolan doesn't think aliens are studying Earth from a distance:

They're already here and settled.

The professor of pathology at Stanford’s medical school spoke at Salt iConnections last week, and broke down his belief the alien invasion isn't coming. It might have already happened without anyone noticing.

In Nolan's mind, aliens are without a doubt walking among humans and likely have been for a long time.

Are aliens among us?

"I think you can go a step further — it hasn’t just visited, it’s been here a long time, and it’s still here. You know, people talk about the ‘Wow! signal’ looking for extraterrestrial intelligence. The ‘Wow! signal’ is that people see it on an almost regular basis, that’s the communication that’s already here," Nolan explained when talking about aliens, according to the New York Post.

The Wow! signal was an unknown radio signal detected in 1977 that UFO and alien enthusiast like to argue is proof of extraterrestrial beings.

Nolan also made it clear there's zero wiggle room in his mind when it comes to whether or not aliens are walking among us.

"One hundred percent. And that’s not just my opinion. The National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, signed by Biden in December. Thirty pages of that is the establishment of an unidentified aerial phenomena office," Nolan responded when asked for a probability that aliens are here.

Are we not alone in the universe?

Could Dr. Nolan be correct? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I have no idea, and ultimately, neither does he. The Stanford professor might be speaking with complete and total certainty, but let's tape the brakes a little bit.

There's nothing to prove aliens are real. Do we have a ton of videos of strange and mysterious crafts flying around? Without a doubt.

However, is that a guarantee of alien life? I don't think so. There are plenty of rational and reasonable explanations. My biggest theory is a lot of it could be our own military tech.

Having said that, if aliens are real and they're already here, then we're cooked. If aliens have successfully managed to get to Earth, then they possess tech we simply can't stop.

The greatest weapons in the human arsenal are different kinds of nuclear weapons. Nukes are very powerful, but they won't do anything against aliens who have the tech to get here. Sorry, it's true. Hate to break to everyone.

If the aliens are already here, there's nothing that can be done on the macro level. Now, could we go full "Red Dawn" on the micro level? Perhaps, but the situation would still be daunting.

For that reason, let's hope like hell Dr. Garry Nolan is wrong!

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