'Squid Game' Creator: Hit Show Put Food On The Table

Hwang Dong-hyuk took the world by storm with his creation of Netflix's 'Squid Game' and apparently he didn't cash out like you'd think. The blockbuster show streamed in 142 million homes around the world and Dong-hyuk claims he's "putting food on the table." Doesn't take a wizard of an agent to realize the creator of the most popular show on earth deserves to swim in cash.

"It's not like Netflix is paying me a bonus," he told the Guardian. And he also mentioned how grueling this show was to produce.

"It was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining," Dong hyuk said.

According to various reports, some of that physicality involved losing SIX teeth during the creative process. That's dedication.

This development shouldn't shock the world, though. Some of the most beneficial and lucrative products on the market are capitalized on by some and off the backs of others. Netflix saw an uptick in subscribers by 4.4 million after the show's release that very clearly wasn't apart of Hwang Dong-hyuk's contract with the streaming service.

He'll get his payday soon enough similar to George Lucas did with Star Wars because the plot of this show is simply too good. Society's obsession with battle royale's combined with an action packed and stressful plot line makes for $900 million in revenue.

"Squid Game", where broke players compete head-to-head for a grand prize of $38,460,271.20 in a series of life-or-death kid's competitions. It's strangely simple yet compelling beyond most other shows on Netflix's platform. Season 2 has yet to be confirmed, however we highly doubt they bail on this project. It's already late October, so we should anticipate a 2023 launch and we can't wait. Pay that man.

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