Sounds Like Netflix is Creating 'Squid Game 2'

Will Squid Game continue? Bet on it.

A Netflix spokesperson told CNBC the company now eyes a second season of the show. While Netflix adds nothing is confirmed, show creator Hwang Dong-hyu says that fans have left them with no choice but to create another season.

“I almost feel like you leave us no choice,” Dong-hyu said on Tuesday. “There’s been so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season.”

Dong-hyu notes that he plans to return Lee Jung-jae for the lead role, Seong Gi-hun.

Sequels are a direct result of not quality but financial success. Thus, Squid Game 2 is a near lock. In October, Squid Game smashed records by drawing 132 million people to watch at least two minutes of the show in the first 23 days, easily surpassing Bridgertons' previous record of 82 million people.

Netflix estimates that 89% of people who started Squid Game watched at least 75 minutes, meaning more than a single episode. Netflix also says that 66% of viewers, around 87 million people, finished the series in the first 23 days. Ultimately, people had spent more than 1.4 billion hours watching the show by October 18.

Even if the sequel fails to reach the success of the first, there's a long fall of lucrative cushion before Netflix would worry.

According to Bloomberg's figures, Squid Game will create almost $900 million in value for Netflix. The show is a juggernaut, to a degree unheard of for its low-cost production.

I'm expecting Squid Game won't end after two seasons, either. Maybe after, say, four?

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