Someone Please Help Joe Biden Read A Teleprompter

Another day.

Another Biden gaffe. And along with that, another collective sigh from the American people.

The latest President Biden flub is literally something out of Will Ferrell's portrayal of Rob Burgundy in Anchorman. Only this time, it's not a fictitious news anchor reading anything written on the teleprompter. Nope, it's the President of the United States.


Sadly it's not the first time the President has had a Burgundy moment. Just three months ago he read the "end quote" text on his prompter.

I guess math wasn't a strong point for the President:


If any of our friends said things like this we would rip them endlessly. They'd probably get a nickname in high school that would stick with them forever.

Think of how much we make fun of leaders like North Korea's Kim Jong-Un. They become the butt of their own jokes. That is literally happening to Biden right now.

Look, I don't like ripping on the President. I want him to be doing a good job. I desire America to be kick-ass and not be an absolute joke. I want the economy to prosper, and for us to stop being so divided.

The world is a damn scary place right now and very unsettling. From Russia's saber-rattling of using nukes, to China's growing global influence, to worries of Iran's response to recent uprisings there. Things aren't great. We need a leader that is at the very least coherent in what is happening.

It's also pathetic that many Democrats are so spineless that they won't publicly call out one of their own, regardless if everyone else sees what is happening.

You just know that Democrats are talking behind closed doors just hoping that we can get through the next two years unscathed by their Party's leader.

Until then hopefully Biden's miscues and gaffes don't have any real life consequences for the rest of us.