Someone Climbed A Mountain At A Ski Resort In Alaska To Draw A Giant Penis In The Snow

Guests at the Alyeska Resort in Alaska were greeted one morning this week by a giant penis drawn in the snow. The artwork was created at the top of one of the mountains making its cleanup a little tricky.

A skier, or group of skiers, had hiked up the top of Tea Cup Bowl at the resort in the cover of darkness to avoid being caught in the act. They used the light from a full moon to draw the enormous member in the snow.

While some of the guests were amused by the hilarious artwork, the resort was not was not among those who found it amusing. Luckily, before the resort was able to take action there were several pictures taken of the mountain top penis.

The manager of the resort reportedly hired a helicopter to get rid of the eyesore. The helicopter lifted a group of skiers to the top of the mountain. Their mission was to erase the giant snow penis.

The mission was a successful one. Although, there was a moment where they actually made things slightly worse. That too was captured with a picture.

This Will Be Talked About For Years To Come

Some might question the effort involved in putting together such a prank. I'm not one of them.

If the prank is funny it's always worth the effort. Even if you have to climb thousands of feet in the middle of the night to pull it off.

This prank checks all of the necessary boxes for a good prank. It's funny, it's memorable, and a helicopter had to be called in to clean it up. Not every prank can say that.

The guests, the employees of the resort, the helicopter pilots, and those tasked with the cleanup, will all be talking about this one for years to come.

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