Some Weirdo In Denver Stole A Box Of Human Heads That Were For Medical Research

Heads up, Denver, there's a weirdo amongst you who just might have a stolen box of human heads that authorities would like to get their hands on. According to authorities, an unknown thief stole the heads out of a medical truck used to transport body parts for medical research.

Fox 31 Denver reports that the heist went down Thursday morning around 11 a.m. in a neighborhood filled with families and people walking their dogs.

"Sources told KDVR/KWGN it was a blue and white cardboard box about 20 x 15 x18 inches with 'Science Care' written on the sides," the station reported.

As you'd expect, the police are perplexed by this case. Is there an actual head-hunter on the loose or was this a case of a criminal intending to steal something of value and instead ended up with medical research heads?

Is there a weirdo on the loose who knew those heads were in that medical transport vehicle? Again, police are being tight-lipped about the situation and won't give up many details on this active case.

Police will say to give them a heads up if anyone comes across the box, perhaps in a dumpster, in case the criminal realizes what he/she has and freaks out.

And before you think it's weird for human heads to be boxed up and sent out for delivery, keep in mind back in 2017 Reuters bought two human heads and a spine during an investigation into "body brokers," who are human parts vendors.

A Reuters reporter was able to purchase the heads and spine -- $300 per body part -- after just a "few email exchanges."

As of 2017, the news agency was able to identify 34 body brokers in the U.S., and cadavers, at the time, sold for $3,000 to $5,000 each.

It would be strange for the Denver head thief to rip off boxes of heads for such a small profit when ripping off a department store is way more profitable and you don't even have to deal with the creepy thought of having stolen heads in your possession.

Then again, it's 2022 and thieves keep changing up their games to stay ahead of the authorities.

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