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The Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational is in the books, and it was quite a performance from all involved

What a day we had Saturday afternoon at the Put-In-Bay Country Club where brave souls showed up to tackle the tightest fairways in golf history and some of the softest greens known to man. Add in a shower that blew in off Lake Erie and you had some treacherous conditions, especially for the rookies who weren't prepared for putting with a 3-wood in the rain. It's just not something you practice.

In the end, my golf business partner Anthony Bellino and his roommate Gian tied my neighbor Sam and his childhood friend Tommy at EVEN par after both teams sank key birdies down the stretch. I can't remember why they didn't decide the championship with a sudden-death playoff. At some point, we fired up the griddle and started making dogs, chili for the dogs, and then the money started flying for the Put-In-Bay Closest To The Pin Challenge® that saw the pot grow to a record $320 or so before Colin C. from New Jersey, who was at the tournament with his dad and two uncles -- big OutKick readers, -- won the pot after people started running out of money and a willingness to part with $5 per shot.

Observations from PIB 2021:

• Suddenly the golf course is packed. I'm starting to get worried that our little slice of golf heaven has been discovered and word is getting out that it's a must-play for golfers. There must've been 40 golfers playing through while we were trying to hold an outing. It wasn't a big deal because everyone had a great time, but it's definitely worrisome. Next thing you know, I won't be able to call the old lady owner in March to get the date I want. I might have to start reserving the course a year out.

• Yes, that's my leaf blower. Yes, it made it home. In previous years, the greens were covered with mayflies and other debris. Not this year. Besides the rain, the course was pristine.

• For the first time in tournament history, certain holes had new pin locations.

• It was a great call on my part to go with a 70% seltzers, 30% beers breakdown in the course coolers. Tastes are changing out there.

• Thank you to the random golfer dads who were handing out sunscreen shots.

• The Cairns crew from New Jersey really took this year's tournament up a notch. The three brothers -- two in their 60s and the other brother checking in at 70 -- had absolutely no clue what they were getting into, but they were troupers who got a full Bay experience. I left them at the Roundhouse bar where confetti cannons were going off and drinks were flowing. Uncle Dan somehow talked his brothers and a nephew into committing a weekend to this crazy golf event I cooked up a few years ago, just based off what I've been writing in this space.

The scene at No. 1 with what has to be the tightest opening tee shot in golf:

The setup at No. 9 where we're in the beginning stages of creating our own version of No. 16 at the Waste Management. The only issue is that I have to mule in everything:

Bill writes:

Enjoy your contributions to OutKick, Joe. I tore my meniscus and also needed a stress fracture to be surgically repaired a week ago so it will be a while before i can join the #TNML. So as a token of appreciation for my two awesome neighbors who have been keeping the lines clean, I ordered them TNML t-shirts. I should be able to put weight back on my leg in late July. I'm also a homebrewer, so they get as much as they want to drink. Cheers, man. Have a great day.

Bo T. emailed over the weekend to say:

This is where the zero turn mower rests on Friday’s after TNML. Cheers from OK..Screencaps is bringin' the heat. Need grill and mowing rigs to go with the smokes. DoL.

• It's going to be a quick workweek for me. Needless to say, I'm pretty much toast at this point in June. Football season is looming, and those of us in this business know that means six to seven days a week for approximately five to five and a half months. All that said, Screencaps will be going dark this week from Thursday-Saturday. I'll be disconnecting. Thursday Night Mowing League will have its All-Star break. We'll still crank up the social media reports, but that will be it. I'm not typing a single word from Wednesday at lunchtime until Monday morning. That's something that hasn't happened since I started at OutKick on June 1, 2020. I'm due.

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