Social Media Influencer Says She Was Detained By U.S. Customs At LAX For Looking Like An Escort

There are ways to enter the U.S. without any trouble. In fact a welcome mat will be pulled out for you in some cases. Looking like an escort is apparently not one of those ways.

Australian social media influencer Mikaela Testa and her friend were detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for four hours when they arrived at LAX this week. The reason for the detainment was that her friend looked like an escort.

According to Mikaela, she knew better than to look hot arriving in Los Angeles because the customs agents are strict. So she dressed down as to not end up on their radar. Her friend Trinity did not and they ended up being detained anyway.

"Okay, so we got to the LAX airport. I made sure I looked really, really ratchet and bad because I know that the U.S. Customs are really strict," she said.

"Trinity, with her beautiful eyelash extensions and big, fat juicy lips, pulls up looking hot to the U.S. Customs and I knew. I knew but I didn’t say anything."

After her friend answered that it was her first time in Los Angeles and that she didn't have a return flight they were sent straight to the detainment area.

Mikaela says she knows for a fact that they thought her friend was a prostitute or an escort. She went on to claim that detaining hot Australian girls and accusing them of being escorts is a thing customs agents love to do.

Detaining Social Media Influencers Seems Like A Waste Of Time

After the detainment and convincing the customs agents that they weren't escorts, the two were allowed to leave the airport.

Thankfully that was all straightened out. We wouldn't want too many hot foreign women entering the country without first being questioned.

Detaining hot foreign women for being hot and foreign to determine if they're escorts seems like it would be a low priority item. That must mean all the other higher priority items have been taken care of.