Soccer Fan Is Being Investigated By Police For Putting Her Thong On Display During Games

I'm sure you feel like you're doing everything you can to show support for your favorite team. But if you're not being investigated by the police, then it's safe to say you're not doing EVERYTHING you can.

A soccer super fan -- who is also an OnlyFans model -- known as Coyote Cutee is taking her support to the police-investigation level.

She keeps pulling her pants down to reveal her thong during games. The show of support for her favorite team Bari has helped the team reach second place in the Serie B league.

The show of support also has the 22-year-old in some possible trouble with the law. The Italian police are reportedly investigating Coyote Cutee for her eye-catching show of support.

She's facing a potential fine of several thousands of euros. A fine of that amount probably won't be a problem for her to pay given her occupation.

According to her Twitter account, she's in the top two percent of OnlyFans creators. The top two percent of OnlyFans creators is at a level that is likely good enough to cover her exposure fines.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

The real punishment would be banning Coyote Cutee from attending any more of her favorite team's games. A ban from games wouldn't just be a punishment for her.

The thong support is working right now and everyone knows you don't disrupt anything that helps the team win. As long as the wins are still being collected then the thong has to stay.

It is worth noting that while the police are investigating, there was no mention of fans or the team complaining about the super fan's show of support.

There's only one thing we can take away from all of this. Thongs in the stands equal wins on the field.

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