Snake Stuck In Woman's Ear Refuses To Come Out - Watch This!

If you hate snakes, this one is definitely not for you.

A video of a live snake extraction from a woman's ear is going viral around the world thanks to a post from some Indian guy named Chandan Singh who posted the Facebook video on Sept. 1. Singh doesn't provide much context besides a caption reading "The snake has gone in the ear."

Yeah, we can see that, Singh.

Now the video has a legion of fans -- nearly 200k views and counting -- wondering how this one ends because as you're about to see, it's a real cliffhanger.

"The fact he keeps playing with it and not really making an effort to try and get it out makes this whole video unreal, like why is it taken a surgeon that long to remove a small snake," one viewer wrote on Facebook after watching the removal attempt.

Now, the #FakeNews community says this is all a hoax and there's no live snake.

"She seems like she's calm and not feeling it much, why can't doc, just pull on it a little bit at a time till she says she feels something then stop?" a lady wrote on Facebook.

To which a #fakenews truther responded, "Because it's fake."

What the #fakenews crowd seems to forget is that it's not out of the ordinary for animals like crickets to tunnel into an eardrum. You might remember back in 2014 when a man complained of a terrible ear ache and it turned out to be a two-inch cricket that had found a home.

Watch that video with caution.

Remember, this is India we're dealing with. The Internet truthers act like they know everything about India, but this is a country where monkeys are ruthless maniacs. Back in July, monkeys threw a boy off a third-story rooftop to his death.

Don't be so quick to #fakenews this snake video.

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