Smoking Data Shows Ohio Loves Its Cigs, Detroit Claims No. 1 Overall Spot

Do you love to crush ciggies and draft beers on the secret patio at your local VFW? Do you cherish those nights on the patio casually working your way to the filter on a Marlboro? Are you the type of person who loves rolling down N. Dixie Drive in Dayton, Ohio on your hog listening to Foghat cranking via WTUE with a Camel stuck to your bottom lip?

What about a Coke & a smoke before rolling into the Hamtramck Assembly plant where you dream of cigs on the patio of your cabin on Devil's Lake while working on a Bud heavy?

If you find yourself in one of those scenarios, you most likely live in a city with the most residents who smoke, according to data compiled by

Filter Buy used the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and data where smokers were classified as subjects who have smoked at least 100 cigs in their lifetime and still smoke all or some days. Data was then compiled on cities with populations over 100k and broken down into small, medium and large cities.

The data revealed that Ohio (No. 1 small city - Dayton; No. 1 & 2 medium cities - Akron & Toledo; No. 2 Cleveland) is not to be messed with in the cig-smoking arena. Ohioans LOVE their cigs and the data backs that up.

In the large city category, it wasn't even a competition as Detroit cig smokers took home the title by running away from Cleveland with a whopping 28.9% of residents who love the ciggies. And it was Detroit taking home the title in "Percentage of adults in poor physical health" with 20.9% of the population falling into that category.

As for states that smoke the most, West Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana won top honors in that category. The CDC reported in March 2021 that nearly 30% of Louisiana youth used a tobacco product. 8.4% of those youth were smoking cigs.

Ahh, but West Virginia wouldn't be outdone by Louisiana. In the Mountaineer state, a whopping 40.6% of high school youth said they were using some sort of tobacco product, including 13.6% who crush the ciggies.

Let's dive headfirst into a pile of butts and see which states love those Cokes and smokes:


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