Sinister 'Mayor Of Kingstown' Season 2 Teaser Drops, Premiere Date Announced

"Mayor of Kingstown" will return January 15 on Paramount+.

Season one of the show from Taylor Sheridan with Jeremy Renner took the TV world by storm when it premiered in November 2021.

It was incredibly dark, sinister, chilling and downright uncomfortable to watch as viewers followed Mike McLusky (Renner) trying to navigate control of Kingstown. When prison is your industry, you're bound for chaos.

Now, after the insane season one ending, fans have our first look at season one, and it's bound to make the hair on your neck stand up.

While the teaser doesn't show much, Mike states "The consequences of a riot is our new reality" in a nerve-racking voiceover.

"Mayor of Kingstown" is awesome through one season.

At this point, enough time has passed that we don't need to worry about spoilers. Let's just dive into the meat of the issue.

Season one saw a huge and bloody prison unfold in Kingstown. Before it was all said and done, guards and inmates were both dead.

It also gave Mike the opportunity to seize even more control. However, we all know the biggest issue is that Milo walked right out.

After doing everything possible to make sure the infamous gangster was never free again, Milo is on the loose and that's where the stage is set for season two.

Will he come for Iris? Will he come for Mike? Is more bloodshed on the horizon? The answer to all three is likely yes.

If you're not already watching "Mayor of Kingstown," I suggest you do. It's an awesome show and some of Renner's best work. Now, we'll get back after it in the middle of January. I can't wait.

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