Shooting Breaks Out Over A Jar Of Salsa At Texas Gas Station

It's true, everything is bigger in Texas including how gas station clerks (allegedly) handle verbal altercations after a broken jar of salsa.

Police in Atascocita, Texas say gas station clerk Breanna Miranda flew off the handle after a customer broke a jar of salsa and got into an argument with the pissed-off worker. One thing led to another and Breanna was popping off caps like she was in a rap video, cops allege.

You break a jar of salsa in a Maine gas station and the worker asks if you're cut or need an ambulance. In Texas, Breanna turns into Charles Bronson in Death Wish on your ass.

The suspect tells police she ordered a man to stay out of the store, but that caused a verbal altercation and then the jar of salsa was smashed. One thing led to another and Breanna headed to her car to get a side piece.

She returned to the store, the guy walked outside and that's when Bre Bre went Clint Eastwood on the guy, firing off two shots with both hitting their intended target.

Now she's up for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Look, it's Texas. But it's suburban Houston. It's not Wild West Texas like if this happened in some dirt road town outside El Paso where it's understandable to have shootouts over salsa. In the 1990s, we learned what happened if you mess with salsa in the middle of nowhere Texas.

"This stuffs made in New York City?"

"New York City?!"

"Get a rope."

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