Sheriff's Office Created A Lot Of 'Buzz' Asking For Volunteers To Get Drunk On Their Dime

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Hillsboro, Missouri took to Facebook last weekend asking for volunteers to do a little day drinking on their dime. They received well over the three to four people they were seeking per day.

The Facebook post announced, "The Sheriff's Office is looking for alcohol drinkers Tuesday-Thursday this week, and we are buying! Seriously, we buy, you drink, and we provide your transportation home (not jail)."

"The catch? After you drink, officers will be testing you on standardized field sobriety tests," the post continued. "Upon completion of your field sobriety tests, you will then submit a breath sample to determine your level of intoxication."

There were stipulations for participants in the training. The volunteers couldn't have any alcohol related arrests or any criminal cases pending.

In a matter of a few hours the Sheriff's Office was overwhelmed with requests. So many that a video, titled "Day Drinking on JeffCo's Dime" was posted informing people they had more than enough volunteers.

Over the three day period from Tuesday through Thursday they need just just nine to twelve volunteers. The video revealed that - at the time it was posted - there were more than 800 comments, most of which were people hoping to get drunk with the police.

The Interest In Day Drinking Might Be A Little Too High

A lot of interest in day drinking in the middle of the week might be a sign that things aren't heading in the right direction in Jefferson County. Some stats provided by the Sheriff's Office seem to back that up.

The Sheriff's Office said, "After our post Sunday, there has been a lot of talk about impaired driving. Quick fact: We have seen a steady increased in impaired driving arrests the last three years."

They've gone from 358 DUI arrests in 2020 to 555 in 2022.

Day drink all you want. If you manage to get the police to pay for it, by all means go for it. But stop driving after a Wednesday afternoon of smashing a 12-pack.

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