Sean Penn Rips Colleges For Going Woke: 'F**k Him'

Sean Penn isn't a fan of how woke colleges have become.

As we all know, wokeness is a cancer that seems to be infecting a lot of institutions in America, and higher education is among the worst impacted.

Reality is almost suspended upon walking on a college campus. People will attempt to cancel you for any mildly edgy joke, or if you believe in biology and sex, you'll immediately be deemed public enemy number one.

Well, Penn has had enough, and explained how he was protested during a college speech, while also being applauded for his hit film "Milk." In that moment, it occurred to him he could never play the role of a gay man in 2023 due to the outrage mob.

Sean Penn thinks wokeness has gone too far.

"I was realizing the contradiction in what was happening outside with the protestors and a few inside, and when I came out, I think the first thing I said, which I think was a fair observation, 'Were that film today, I couldn't play that part,' and the same people who two minutes before were applauding 'Milk' were thinking 'f**k him' about me too. Suddenly, we're hardwired into acceptance," the Hollywood star explained on Bill Maher's podcast.

Then, the duo also touched on how students are so soft, they'll try to get professors fired if the course material is too tough.

Outside of the conversation going a bit off the rails in the second half when they were discussing socialism, Penn and Maher are both correct.

Political correctness, wokeness and the snowflake attitude have all gone way too far. College is supposed to be about growing as a person, earning an education and being challenged.

Of all the places that shouldn't be safe spaces, colleges are right at the top of the list. You should have to learn how to defend your ideas and defeat others.

Instead, society has put the kids gloves on and coddled the youth. If you're offended or failing, it's not on you. It must be somebody else's fault, and then we wonder why the country is going to hell.

You know things are bad when Sean Penn, who is the polar opposite of someone anti-PC or conservative, is out here preaching against wokeness. It's a sign the tide is truly turning.

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