Scott Van Pelt’s New Puppy Dropped A Deuce During An Interview

Scott Van Pelt's new puppy, Redd, is an absolute content — and something else — factory.

The ESPN anchor introduced the world to his new puppy just a few days ago.

As Van Pelt explained, Redd's name is a nod to his late dog, Otis, and to Reading, Pennsylvania where the pup was born.

It wasn't long before Redd was getting his name in the press, while SVP was guesting on the "Slow News Day" video podcast.

How? Just by doing what dogs tend to do: ripping a deuce in the background of their owner's Zoom call.

First of all, a quick tip of the cap to whoever edited that clip. That's how you tease a podcast.

Secondly, this is proof that Van Pelt picked a star-in-the-making out of the litter. Aside from playing Air Bud, Lassie, or Spuds Mackenzie, taking an inopportune dump is the best way for a dog to get some social media eyes.

Don't believe me?

What's your favorite dog show moment? I can guarantee it's not when 10-year-old Sussex spaniel “Champion Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee,” AKA Stump, came out of retirement to shock the world and win it all at the 2009 Westminster Dog Show.

It's stuff like this that people remember:

That's what people remember. That's what get's the views.

It's clear that even at a young age, Redd knows this. He's a little comedic wunderkind with the timing of a dog many times his years.

I mean he held it in until Van Pelt was on camera; that dog gets it!

I expect great things from Redd in the years to come.

Hopefully, SVP managed to clean that giant dump up before a rogue Roomba got to the scene and all hell broke loose.

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