Scattered & Smothered: Cook Unloads On Atlanta Waffle House Customer

While college football fans, and even soccer fans, were busy beating up each other over the weekend, the bout of the weekend just might've gone down at an Atlanta Waffle House where a line cook two-pieced a customer. The line cook might've scattered and smothered the customer, but this is was a big boy Waffle House brawl where fists connected with face, but the customer refused to tap out and pay his tab.

Eyewitnesses say this late-night beef went down at one of the four Buford Highway locations. It doesn't really matter.

Let this be a lesson to be very careful while causing trouble inside a Waffle House. Do you think that line cook is in the mood to hear you running your mouth while he's been flipping eggs for eight hours? Do you think this guy is in the mood for nonsense while he's busting his ass at work while moochers are sitting at home living off the government teat?

“Waffle House employee training program must come with self-defense lessons cause they don’t ever lose a fight,” one person tweeted while analyzing the brawl.

As for the police, they don't seem interested in getting in the middle of this Waffle House street justice. The Atlanta police department told the New York Post it was out of their jurisdiction and they're not getting involved.

The best way to handle this one is to just move on and be happy that guns weren't pulled, creating a bloody murder/self-defense scene. A couple of guys traded punches and went back to living life. It's just another night/very early morning at a Waffle House. It's not the first and won't be the last. This is the cost of doing business when the sun goes down.

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