San Francisco Cyclist Freaks Out Over Ambulance In Bike Lane

Cyclists and motorists are the Hatfields and the McCoys of the road. We've got the latest run-in between the two factions, which happened in San Francisco and involved a cyclist, a bike lane, and an ambulance.

It happened over the holidays when a woman who goes by @drivingmzstacey on Twitter posted a video of the kerfuffle.

"I am losing my goddamn mind," she said correctly, though not for the reason she thought

"Here's an ambulance in the bike lane. There is a business they can park in. They can block the car lane, they can block the non-existent motorcycle park lane," the woman shouts. "I am not even half a mile from a home on a rainy day. What the f--k. What the f--k."

First of all, when I saw this story, I thought the cyclist in question would be one of those that wear a jersey like they're leading the peloton in the Tour de France. I didn't expect this kind of rage over bike lane etiquette from someone on what may or may not be a Citi Bike.

San Francisco is gonna San Francisco.

SFFD Cleared Things Up And Made The Cyclist Look Like An Absolute Idiot

My biggest annoyance with cyclists is that the ones who get the angriest are the ones who never want to take any responsibility for their safety, and it seems to me that this Czar of the Bike Lane falls into that camp.

They'll peddle several feet into the car lane and wonder why you're not veering into oncoming traffic to get around them.

She's probably right in that under normal circumstances the ambulance shouldn't have been parked where it was, but talk about emotional fragility. The rest of us would peddle by without a thought, or at worst, mutter some obscenities under our breath.

However, most of us would also assume that if there's an ambulance parked somewhere, an emergency must have been unfolding.

Not this Karen with a Huffy. She went cinema cinéma vérité on that ambulance driver's ass until they threw up their hands and popped what was probably a much more illegal U-turn.

Fortunately, her video evidence of the driver's wrongdoing backfired.

The clip made the rounds and the local San Francisco Fire Department responded. Turns out the ambulance wasn't taking a break, they were wrapping up a call about a medical emergency.

Oof. Bad look for everyone's least favorite impatient biker. That "Have a safe day" really stings. It's the fire department's version of a Dickens character yelling "I bid you good day, sir!"

There are going to be many more encounters between drivers and cyclists, but few will end with the aggressor getting dunked on quite like this one.

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