San Antonio River Walk Fight Breaks Out & This One Includes Glasses Being Used As Weapons

It's true, everything in Texas is bigger including the fights along the famed San Antonio River Walk where a wild fight took place Friday night after a guy lost his mind over the food and service at a restaurant.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the 30-year-old suspect got into an argument with restaurant workers and it quickly escalated to fisticuffs and the wait staff taking things into their own hands. It turns out wait staff in Texas apparently know how to throw glasses at punks who cause problems on a Friday night.

Watch this!

Now let's see a different angle of this one. As you can see, a poor retriever (looks like a beautiful cream retriever to me), is quickly carried out as the mayhem cranks up.

According to KSAT, the 30-year-old troublemaker customer was taken into custody after the wait staff beat him down and he was booked on assault and bodily injury charges.

Between this incident and AAU fights, it was quite a run over the weekend. The great news out of San Antonio is that there were no injuries reported and tourists on the river boat ride got the show of a lifetime.

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