Salma Hayek's Hammock Siesta, Crazy WWE Fan Attacks Seth Rollins & 'Fire Nagy' Breaks Out At Bulls Game

Coming to you live from Florida this morning

We threw the kids on the last flight out of Detroit last night to Tampa for a mid-week Thanksgiving trip to my mom's house here in Largo, Florida, and I have to say that it never gets old to leave the clouds and cold behind for sun and 65 with a 3 p.m. tee time.

I know what you guys are thinking: What about the OSU-Michigan game? Have no fear, I planned out this trip AROUND the big game. Mom will be coming north for Christmas so this is a quick one to spend Thanksgiving here, and then it's back to the clouds, wind and cold for Saturday's tailgating scene.

So this is home base for a few days.

Screencaps won't be as extensive as I try to be as present and in the moment as much as possible, like the Instagram suburban moms like to say.

What are the goals this week?


• Andy S. writes:

Thank you for being a voice of "real life" and humor in a country bombarded with garbage and hate from most legacy media. I was born and raised in the western U.S., but spent some time on the east coast for graduate school. Many of my closest friends (and girlfriends) during that time were from Ohio. I cannot say for certain why, but I think it was because they seemed the most real. I get that same vibe from Screencaps. I now live in Northern California (yes, a glutton for punishment), but appreciate the dose of Americana I get from the daily Screencaps. 

I am now a faithful TNML member, and, although I don't drink alcohol, I would gladly share a garage root beer (I know some great brews).


• Here's the secret to Screencaps' success: I'm not trying to impress some future employer by doing things the corporate way. I'm not moving to Nashville. I was offered years ago to move to New York City for a media job. No thanks.

This is my happy place where I can just bust my ass to work for the readers and have fun in the process. Name another place where Instagram models mix with dogs making meth busts and beautiful double cheeseburgers. You can't!

I look at the Screencaps community as people walking down the street while I'm working in the yard. They like to stop and chat about random things like when the leaf vacuum will be making its final trip through the neighborhood.

My goal is to build a community here of people I'd want to stop by for garage beers, and we're doing this in record time. Screencaps is an absolute beast and it's because you guys understand the goal here and you've embraced the project.

• Now I'm going to go explore this retirement community and get loose for this 3 p.m. tee time.


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