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I never knew I needed a time clock in the basement until Justin sent me this tweet

Some of you might remember Augusta, GA resident Justin E. as one of the original TNML members and also as the guy who has a Par 3 green cut in his backyard. He's part of an Augusta golf tour of sorts that encompasses three neighborhoods where guys have cut putting greens into their yards and then have a golf backyards. Seriously.

So it shouldn't have been a surprise when Justin sent me a photo of the drinking time clock he bought for his basement. Guys clock in, clock out and keep track of their drinking.

Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Is it genius? No doubt.

This is 100% the ingenuity I love to see out of the Screencaps community. This is the common man using his head to live life in an interesting way. Urinals in basements are conversation pieces that you see from time to time. Time clocks are just a whole new level for the right basement setup.

• Rann R. wants to have a discussion on leaves:

I have no trees in my yard, but my neighbors do. This year, I am opting not to rake the leaves, but let them lay where they fall. I have read pros and cons on the benefits of this. I would like to add this as another topic of conversation for your many Screencap followers. You could have saved four hours today to work on your basement!


I will point Rann to the Turfgrass Science department at the University of Minnesota and Sam Bauer who writes, "The most important point with fall cleanup is that the tree leaves are not covering a significant portion of the turfgrass canopy. 10-20% coverage of your lawn might be okay, but I certainly would make sure the leaves aren’t covering any more than that."

Bauer notes that leaf matter can smother the grass if it isn't addressed early in the spring as it will "inhibit growth."

Also, there's the threat of snow molds from leaving leaves on turf, as addressed here by the University of Massachusetts ag department.

So I remove the heavy piles of leaves, run a mower over the rest and call it a winter. There you go, Rann.

• Friday I learned that Mike in Pasadena is in the exotic wood business and he's heading over to Germany to buy logs. Talk about a fascinating group of people we have in the Screencaps community. Justin E. in Augusta is a novelty genius and Mike's out buying rare logs.

This is all starting to feel very Rogan-esque.

• Hey Tara, here's something that guys wouldn't be expecting, but they would wear them around the house with pride.

• Walt D. needs some advice from the TNML community. Any tricks you can share with him?

Love your work. As we enter the TNML offseason (except in SC), need some sage advice on the best way to winterize my gas mower. I want it to start next Spring on the first pull.

• Pat B. checks in with his snow removal strategy:

Similar situation to Daniel, 7 acres long driveway in MN. Most of the driveway is exposed so it helps to keep the grass low so the wind blows the snow off. I mostly use my Polaris Sportsman 700 with a 60" plow. It's quick and relatively fuel-efficient. However, if it gets really bad I have an old Oliver 1800 tractor with a bucket on the front and a snow blower on the back. Usually only need it once or twice a season.

• Bobby S. in Greensboro, NC has a good question for a Sunday morning:

When are you as a fan allowed to say "we" when talking about your favorite team?  If it is your school or hometown team, have at it.  But what if it isn't? 


Quick thoughts on using 'We' when referencing a favorite team:

(1.) Using 'we' while sober is illegal;

(2.) If you've been drinking with a group of people and you're all loud, using 'we' is perfectly acceptable

(3.) Using 'we' while calling into a talk-radio station is not acceptable; same goes for using 'we' on message boards

(4.) People holding degrees from a school after paying tens of thousands of dollars to fund that school can use 'we'

• Ryan W. writes:

Been an avid reader of caps for a while now. I miss the TNML.. For wintertime should you lead the TNWGL ( Thursday Night Winter Grilling League) just saying it gives a man hope. Winter in the Midwest can institutionalize a man.


I like it. Ryan needs to send in pics of what he's grilling up on Thursdays. If you guys grill it up, send photos and I'll put them right into Screencaps. Let's see who's a pit master.

• Douglas J. in Nebraska brings up a trend that I've noticed catching on here in the suburbs.

While I was visiting my sister in Salt Lake last weekend she told me tons of people are getting permanent lights on their homes. They can automatically change the colors to anything they want so it matches any holiday and they mount the lights in a way that the strings are hidden and it matches the siding/color of your home. Is this happening in other places?


Yep, that's the new trend. Here's my problem with the permanent lights thing. The LEDs just don't give me that Christmas vibe. It looks like something I'd see out of a Swedish furniture company's world headquarters front lobby. I love the LEDs in my basement. I don't love the LEDs on the $900k & up houses. Love the houses, not a fan of the lights.

• And that should do it. What an absolutely PACKED Sunday morning Screencaps. I know you guys are off for the next seven days and you're jonesing for new material so I got up early this morning and pumped this one out.

Now it's time to knock more stuff off my to-do list.


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