Sad NFL Writer Upset Bills Don't Play Enough Music From Female Artists

An AP writer for the Buffalo Bills is emotional because the team doesn't play enough music featuring female artists during their practice sessions. 

The character in question goes by the name of John Wawrow. He's a bit much:

Without ever hearing of this guy before today, I can confidently predict he still wears a mask in public. He probably has a photo library of himself wearing said mask to show while using Tinder.

He's a Mike Florio-type: beta male trying to inject even more wokethink into the game of football. He watches the NFL and WNBA in a setting that mirrors the following:

The best part about the tweet is to imagine him taking the time to think about the genders of each artist the Bills play.

Does he mark them down? We certainly hope so.

How insufferable are sports writers? There isn't an industry with more of a disconnect with their consumers than these "journalists."

The Bills are the Super Bowl favorites, and that has their fans giddy for the start of the season. Meanwhile, some loser beat writer is concerned about the number of songs that feature females during the team's practices.

It just dawned on Mr. Wawrow that a Bills Super Bowl win wouldn't be enough. Not until the team features Doja Cat and Demi Lovato heavily during warm-ups could he pen this a successful year. 

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