Rush Propst Returning To Television In New Netflix Show

MTV’s Two-A-Days proved that an audience exists for football storylines mixed with adolescent drama, and now the creator of that hit show wants to go back to the well. The result is Titletown High, an in-depth look at high school powerhouse program Valdosta High and their animated head coach Rush Propst. Fans should remember Propst as the former head coach of Hoover High School in Alabama.

“It always kind of stuck with me that at some point we need to do Two-A-Days again,” Titletown High creator Jason Sciavicco said. “When you take Rush Propst and you take the tradition that is Valdosta, it was just like, ‘We’ve got to do a series.’”

The Valdosta High School Wildcats have the most wins in the U.S. of any active program. In addition to their 929 wins (as of the 2019 season), the program has won six national championships, 24 state championships and 42 regional championships. 

Football surely figures to play an important role in the Netflix docuseries, but Sciavicco says there will be lots of interpersonal storylines to keep viewers interested in the players as human beings, too.

“After about three, four weeks, we kind of settled in on the characters that you see,” Sciavicco said, using an instance of a girlfriend getting between two players as an example of off-the-field drama. “ is another thing people relate to in high school… and it really becomes awkward when that’s the guy that’s also supposed to be blocking for you when you’re the quarterback.”

Coach Propst isn’t without his own personal drama, either, which will surely play some part in the storytelling. Propst was run out of Alabama for having extra-marital affairs and a child born out of wedlock. Then in 2016, he reportedly head-butted a player that led to a suspension that he was able to appeal and overturn. However, three years later, the Colquitt County Board of Education voted Propst out of his job after an investigation revealed he violated several of the Code of Ethics for Educators.

In terms of filming, Sciavicco says Propst’s past was not an issue here. “I’m not one to judge somebody’s personal life and what they do,” he said. “But I will say the issue that he had at Hoover with the second family, he’s now married to that woman and has been with her ever since.” 

Sciavicco adds, “He’s an unapologetic, win-at-all-costs kind of guy. And I think the reality is, to compete at this level, there are certain things that you have to do. And I’ve been around a lot of programs on a lot of different levels all across this country and it’s very similar.”

Titletown High is now streaming on Netflix.