Ric Flair Visits Titans Camp And Breaks Down Huddle: Wooo!

The Tennessee Titans were the No. 1 seed in the AFC last season and that matters this season in only one way: If someone wants to be the top playoff seed they probably need to knock off the Titans.

Because to be the man you gotta beat the man.

That message probably got through to the Titans Thursday when Ric Flair, he of the famous quote, and many other quotes, and many professional wrestling titles, and ongoing popularity because of his heyday replays on various platforms, visited the Titans.

Flair met some of the players, watched practice and then spoke to the team briefly afterward. Coach Mike Vrabel reached out to Flair and asked if he'd like to visit with the team during training camp.

"I said, 'Hell, yeah,' " Flair told reporters. "So, like I said, I usually have to have a favorite player on the team and my favorite player in the NFL right now is Derrick Henry. Hated him at Alabama and I love him here. Anybody but Alabama, so."

Vrabel, who shared he watched Flair with his father as a child, added that Flair brought an energy to the day.

"I enjoyed seeing him and getting to talk to him," the coach said.

The best part of this visit?

Flair broke down the post-practice huddle with his trademark ...

"I didn't know any of them, I knew on kid, one of the boys that played at Georgia and another kid from Michigan," Flair said. "But they all tell me that they grew up watching me because of YouTube and Peacock and the fact the content is available from the old days.

"I'm just honored, that they think the world of me and think enough of me to bring me by the facility,"

Henry called Flair a legend and was eager to speak with him one-on-one.

"I watched him on TV growing up for a long time so that's kind of surreal to meet people like him and have him come out here and talk to us after practice," Henry said.

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