Rhode Island Ferry Chaos: Multiple Arrests Made As Island Beach Party Fights Continue On Boat Ride Home

Multiple people were handcuffed and injured after a Monday night fight on a Rhode Island ferry turned violent in what is said to be spillover violence from a beach brawl that took place at an island reggae festival.

A ferry returning to the mainland from Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island, was so overrun with fighting that the U.S. Coast Guard was forced to board the boat in a dramatic fashion as passengers recorded officers jumping onto the ferry to take down the brawlers.

According to ABC6 reporter Olivia DaRocha, the ferry fights are believed to be the result of a fight that happened at Ballard's, a popular beach bar on Block Island where the annual Reggae Fest was being held Monday.

One thing leads to another and partygoers are fighting each other on the sand and then on the water.

Let's go to the footage starting with the Coast Guard landing:

Here we have footage of officers leading at least four men in handcuffs off the ferry. According to a police report obtained by DaRocha, seven people were arrested. Five of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct; one was charged with obstructing an officer, and another person was held on a weapons charge (other than firearms).

One adult male was arrested at Ballard's Beach Resort for fighting.

As a connoisseur of Put-In-Bay, Ohio, this type of thing doesn't shock me. There's been plenty of drunken fighting behavior from PIB over the years, but NEVER on a Monday. That was completely shocking. Without knowing anything about the reggae event, I'm assuming some old rich people from the island advised the beach club to hold its festival on a Monday due to previous shenanigans.

Guess what?

Again, as a PIB veteran who saw that island end its public participation in Christmas in July over absolute chaos, you'll probably see the reggae fest turned into an invitational-only.

Sorry kids, that's just how the islands roll.

You come in, throw haymakers, cause problems, give the rich people who own the land a black eye and that will be the end of your festival fun.

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