Reese Witherspoon Enjoys Fall, Holly Sonders Tries To Save The Newspaper Industry & Bears Get Screwed

The Monday Night Football crew was a mess last night & the only tandem that can save this mess is the Mannings

I hate to nitpick ESPN's pedestrian MNF crew, but they made it too easy during the Bears-Steelers game and there are three incidents that were on my mind as my head hit the pillow around midnight.

With 1:46 or so left on the clock and tied 26-26, the Bears got set to kick an extra point to give them a 27-26 lead. The play was blown dead for an offsides penalty and Brian Griese proceeds to say something to the effect of "that changes things" and infers that the Bears might want to think about moving the ball closer to the goal line to attempt a two-point conversion.

Now, I'm not some football expert, but I know that might be the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Griese's in a three-man booth and wasn't corrected. Steve Levy has to get control of that booth and tell Griese how dumb his advice sounded. SPEAK UP!

Next, let's stay with Levy and his call on the final play of the game -- a 65-yard field goal attempt by the Bears kicker -- by the way, why didn't the Bears try to throw one into the endzone and get some sort of gift pass interference call?

Levy, who must've been watching a TV monitor instead of looking out at the field from his booth position, flipped out and said the ball hit the crossbar. In actuality, the ball was approximately 8-10 yards short of the crossbar.

And finally, we have the analysis of my old buddy Booger McFarland during halftime where he actually uttered that Odell Beckham Jr. is still a top 10 NFL wide receiver.

As my basement drywall guy, Chris Kettman said, OBJ would be a top 10 receiver in Ohio...barely.

Let's not forget that Booger's an LSU guy, Odell's an LSU guy and this is the analysis you get when boys have each other's backs. Pure stupidity. Bring back the Mannings ASAP.

• Matt in Nashville has a 'Do Hard Things' report to share:

I admit I've been lackadaisical in my journey through daily screencaps so I wasn't aware TNML got so much love/mention in there. I look forward to hearing from the boys and gals during the off-season to see what Hard Things everyone gets up to.

Speaking of, I saw your load of firewood you posted this morning, and I regret to inform that I did you one better this weekend. Instead of having a delivery, I joined some family this weekend to lumberjack our own. Granted, getting firewood wasn't the purpose of downing a whole mess of trees (enough to last years for several households), but it's sure is a nice byproduct.

My arms are still sore from cutting all this down and hauling it around. Even sported the TNML hat and got a photo op towards the end of the day. Let's keep Doing Hard Things all winter long.

• Speaking of wood, Guy G. in New York would like a word with me about wood:

Glad to see your wood isn’t pansy style, cut into small strips! Do Hard Things is the way to work. Out here, we heat the house with wood, and go through about 12 cord a year. This wood has been stacked, and I’d be freaking out if I had to stack all this in the wet lawn. Been there, super not fun. 

I was your first TNML, (@HandForgedNY) before becoming a real event, and you’ve seen the property. It’s all hard things out here. Wouldn’t have it any other way!! 

Have a great Monday! At least your team isn’t the Bills today. It’s hard here. 

When I pushed back on that 12 cord number, Guy was quick to let me know that he's right there in the Lake Erie snow belt where they get pummeled by storms. This is big boy territory where you better be prepared for long winters. And with natural gas prices out of control, Guy won't be scrambling for heat this winter. He's ready.

Exclusive heat, man!! Sometimes gets fired up in October, and can go until May. In the sticks, 45 mins south of Buffalo, where ALL the snow reported as Buffalo Snow is. Currently have 3 years worth of wood stacked and ready to go.

It is the best heat, though it's either on or off. Sometimes, we have to open the windows in January, as the house gets up to 85*, and that’s just too hot. But, we don’t worry about gas bills, because we don’t have them! It’s great!

• And there's this from my text group. The whole wood stockpiling thing is happening. My buddy Diesel already had at least one load delivered a month ago and he's trying to hunt down another one.

• Mike T. in Idaho has some smoked turkey advice for those of you who are starting to focus on how you want to cook the bird this Thanksgiving.

• And with that, Tuesday Screencaps is off and running. Let's go out there and dominate another random November day of work.


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