Rece Davis Responds To Worries About Lee Corso

Rece Davis has come to Lee Corso's defense after some worries following his Saturday College GameDay appearance.

The first GameDay of the season was this last Saturday, and at moments during the broadcast, it appeared like Corso was struggling.

However, Davis wants everyone to know his GameDay teammate is as sharp as ever at the age of 87.

"He’s doing great. I speak to him regularly, and this weekend in Columbus, I think you’ll see a much more comfortable environment. And you’ll see him be able to deliver as he still does, which is remarkable. Because his mind is still razor sharp at the age of 87," the College GameDay star said during an appearance on "The Dan Le Batard Show," according to Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated cited an audio delay as possible reasons for why it looked like Corso wasn't on the ball and the final result for viewers was "choppy."

There's no doubt Lee Corso is an absolute legend in the world of college football. He coached Louisville and Indiana for years, but really became famous as the face of GameDay.

He's one of the most important people in the world of college football, and he's an absolute fan favorite. That's why so many people were concerned with the show Saturday when it seemed like something was off.

There were so many tweets about it that you couldn't scroll through Twitter without seeing people weighing in.

However, Rece Davis says Corso is still razor sharp in his late 80s, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope that's true.

Hopefully, tech issues were the reason for why he seemed delayed on camera, and nothing more. It should be great to see Corso back with the group as a whole in person this Saturday for GameDay in Columbus.

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