Ray Lewis, Once Charged With Double Murder, Now Giving $330 Pep Talks To High School Football Teams

Are you a football coach looking to motivate your team into a bunch of (figurative) killers under those Friday night lights? Who better to get the job done than a guy, Ray Lewis,  once charged with a double murder that he's dodged for over two decades?

As a New York high school team proved by paying him $330 via Cameo, Ray Ray will motivate your players to (figuratively) murder the opposing team with a speech about lions, respect and simple match. To be fair to the guy who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the double slaying case that never resulted in anyone going to prison, Ray didn't call for any slayings during Friday night's Our Lady of Lourdes (4-0) vs. Cornwall Central (3-1) showdown.

However, no matter how many times a typical sports fan (outside of Ravens fans) watches a Ray Ray speech, it's impossible to not feel like Ray's about to pull a double murder. I'm just sayin'.

It's like watching O.J. Simpson on Twitter talking about just about anything. It's a must-watch because at any moment he might just blurt out something about the night Nicole and Ron were slaughtered.

Let's get back to Ray.

Watch how fast he gets fired up over some football game he knows nothing about.

"Lions don't negotiate," Lewis instructed the Our Lady of Lourdes players in the video. "If you want to deal with a lion, deal with a lion," the Pro Football Hall of Famer continued while slamming his fist into his hand. "But boy, I'm telling you, you going to get everything he got. So Lourdes, I'm telling you, Cornwall comes in as a champion and you gotta respect the champion, but my goodness, when that whistle blows, respect is earned.

"So what you guys are lookin' for, take it. Simple math."

Uh-huh. Good speech.

Go get 'em, kids. Kill 'em by 50.

Ray, here's $500.

Now do a 45-second Cameo on what happened to the white suit. I'm willing to go up to $1,100.

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