Ray Lewis' Cameo Speech To High School Football Team Just Wasn't Killer Enough

Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis was known for his intense play on the field and his motivational speeches off of it during his playing days.

Oh, and that one time he was arrested for a double-murder. That made a few headlines as well.

These days Ray is making a little walking around money handing out some killer advice to high school football players on Cameo. Unfortunately for Our Lady of Lourdes, who dropped $330 for one of Ray's killer speeches, the speech wasn't killer enough. And they dropped a big game as a result.

The rambling "blessing" about tackling, catching, and running and how they never change fell short of providing enough motivation.

The lions, respect, and simple math just didn't add up for Our Lady of Lourdes on Friday night. As a result, the team left their killer instinct at home.

Here's Ray's words of wisdom to the kids in case you missed it:

Ray's Motivational Speeches Need A Personal Touch

Our Lady of Lourdes lost Friday night's big conference matchup to Cornwell Central, 28-22. The high school coaches flushed $330 down the drain in the process.

Despite the speech failing to do the job, you can't really blame Ray for the loss. It's hard to get a strong message across when he's sitting in a room by himself.

He needs other people to feed off of, to instill fear in, to properly deliver a message. That's how you get Ray to successfully motivate.

The next time the Our Lady of Lourdes coaching staff - or anyone else for that matter - has Ray take a stab at a pregame hype speech they might want to consider flying him out to deliver it in person.

That way he can hand deliver the killer instinct and make sure the kids are up for the game.