Rally Car Driver Crashed After Woman Flashed Her Bra

If you're looking for an advantage in the rally car world, a well-placed flasher should do the trick. A bra flasher proved to be enough to break a driver's concentration and cause a race changing crash recently.

Rally car driver Viktor Osmanov missed a turn during the Petrovskaya Versta in Russia in January after a woman pulled her shirt over her head as he approached. The move exposed her bra and caused him to crash momentarily.

The added time caused by the unexpected crash changed the results of the race. Osmanov was sitting in second-place with his eye on first-place at the time. He ended up finishing third.

Despite the lost time and dropping back to third-place, Osmanov was in good spirits about the incident. He admitted about the flashing, "This one was unexpected. I saw her and I failed to turn my corner."

"If she had only come up later, we would have laughed together," he said. "But no-one took offense at her."

According to Osmanov, flashing drivers on the track is nothing new. He's seen much more during his career. He said, "Such tricks are often made by fans. I've seen naked men and girls waving their bras."

Flashing Drivers Sounds Like A Good Idea, But Being That Close To The Action Can Be Chaotic

For a guy who has seen full on nudity and bras being popped off during competitions you would expect him to be able to handle an innocent bra flashing. Yet, here we are.

It just goes to show you, that an unexpected bra flash in the snow is all it takes to alter the results of a race. If I'm a rally car driver I'm hiring flashers to line the track and distract my competition.

You do run the risk of accidentally catching a flashing yourself. But anyone who can make it through a rally race with a track lined with flashers unquestionably earned that win.

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