Rachel Bush Destroys A Beach, Tiger Woods Back On The Range, LeBron Assaults A Guy & Did Collinsworth Rip A Fart On SNF?

There's no use trying to figure out the NFL and why Super Bowl contenders lose to the Texans

Just when I thought Clay's Tennessee Titans could go ahead and plan on a first-round bye in January based on the team's 32nd ranked strength of schedule, the 1-8 Houston Texans roll into Nashville and leave with a 22-13 win after Ryan Tannehill throws four interceptions.

Think about this for a minute: the Texans had 190 total yards and 15 first downs and beat a team that entered Sunday with the best percentage probability of winning the Super Bowl.

Now all attention for the Titans shifts to next Sunday's massive showdown in New England with the Patriots and their five-game winning streak.

As we enter Thanksgiving Week, there's no better drama on TV over the last 25 years than what we're seeing in this league. Even Sunday's horrible Lions-Browns game gave us drama in the form of Baker Mayfield (53.2 QBR against the Lions, his worst since December 2019) being disgruntled as he left the field after the victory and then not meeting with reporters to talk about the win.

Then his wife goes and enters the fray, just as the Cleveland media was hoping she'd do. More on that later this morning.

If you're a fan of cold-weather football, tighten the chinstrap. Here's how the end of the season shakes out for the AFC North. As it stands, all four AFC North teams will face teams who are currently .500 or better. It just feels as though Baker doesn't make it through this gauntlet without some sort of season-ending injury. Keep in mind, the way the schedule is laid out, the Browns face the Ravens this Sunday, have a bye week, and then have to play the Ravens again.

Someone has to explain to me what's going on in Buffalo, because I'm completely baffled at the collapse we're witnessing from a team that had a perfect opportunity to play January football at home. Then came the 9-6 loss in Jacksonville and Sunday's 41-15 destruction at the hands of Indy.

I have a bad feeling Buffalo has used up its window of opportunity to run the AFC East and giving up 264 rushing yards and four TDs on the ground to the Colts is the only sign I need. The Bills still have two remaining games against the Patriots. Now is the time to get nervous if you're a Buffalo fan. Yes, I understand that the Bills' defense is the second-best scoring defense in the NFL. But, New England is No. 1.

• I have bad news for those of you who love to watch old-fashioned NFC North football on Thanksgiving. It'll be Tim Boyle at QB for the Lions and he might be facing Andy Dalton after Justin Fields went down Sunday with a ribs injury.

Oh yeah, and Khalil Mack won't be chasing after Boyle. Mack's done for the season. Adjust your Thanksgiving sleep schedule accordingly.

• How loyal are Lions fans to Thanksgiving football? The cheap seats for Thursday's game with Tim Boyle at QB are $70 on StubHub. Boyle has attempted 27 passes in the NFL for 92 yards and two INTs.

• Let's get to some emails and start with Indy Daryl who is on the move. I thought something was up because he's usually good for 2-3 emails each week.

Daryl writes:

Sunday screencaps were incredible. The reader emails in no way disappointed and I couldn't be happier to think about sending in grilling pictures on Thursdays. Ryan W is absolutely correct that Midwest gray, dark winters have the tendency to drive a man crazy (I’m sure you know!). And having something to look forward to like grilling does indeed bring hope!

That being said I am nowhere close to the Midwest currently, and damn is Florida just wonderful! Shout out to Ancient City Brewing for a delicious IPA and the beach never disappoints.

• Chris S. has advice for those of you winterizing the mower:

Tell Walt D., put Sta-Bil in the 5 gallon can every fill-up. You never have to winterize, just mow the last time, and put her away. Same with the snowblowers and classic cars. My dad swore by it, so do I. I have a power washer that sat for 3 years between uses, started first pull.

Probably putting the rink together Thanksgiving weekend, will send pics. Thanks Joe.

• John M. writes:

Wisconsin's 17 yo running back Braelon Allen is a big fan of Melvin Gordon. School PR cropped up an almost eerie short video, all against Nebraska, 1/2 from this weekend, as he dropped 228 on the Corn Nation…

• Mike T. in Idaho shared this story from the Wall Street Journal on the war on leaves.


• And finally this morning, Geoff R. in Knoxville stopped by Sunday morning to share some yard knowledge:

Hey Joe;  Love reading screencaps.  We are still laying down a few strips while also picking up leaves here in East Tennessee. Although not on Thursdays as the sun is going down by the time I get home from work.

My front yard is a mix of zoysia and fescue which does well on a slight slope in full sun (and the hot ET summers).  Wasted about $5K in my backyard trying to grow grass before we "found" dwarf mondo grass which is the ultimate no maintenance grass for sun/shade.  Never grows above 2", green all year, and grows into a seamless patch that you can easily control.  

This summer my wife wanted to graduate from a small waterfall to a full-blown mountain stream in the backyard.  It is awesome and you can also sit in it to cool off after mowing.  The birds and our dog also love it - again, basically zero maintenance other than cleaning the leaves out in the fall.  Water is about 18" - 24" here and the water sound is very relaxing.

Keep up the great work and thx for all you do.


That should do it. We're off and running with Thanksgiving Week, and I think you'll agree that today's Screencaps is one for the ages. Dig in and let's have a strong week.

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