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What brings you the most joy these days?

This morning I sat down to make my usual social media rounds and it took me all of about 3-4 minutes before I started to find the joy of an early morning being ripped out of me as I read how shitty the world is via Twitter where I'm just looking for funny content from around the world of sports. Then I started thinking about something that former OutKick writer Ryan Glasspiegel tweeted Wednesday about how damn happy Jim Belushi seemed to be at a Cubs game.

Ryan wondered what the secret is for Jim and guessed that it has something to do with cutting down on screen time and not watching the news. Both seem very likely.

There was Belushi just enjoying the moment, even if the Cubs are in full rebuild mode. Jim was just sitting there soaking up an August afternoon Cubs game. Not a care in the world.

I believe that most of us are seeking out these moments of zen like Jim was having.

So I'll ask it again: What brings you the most joy these days? Help out your fellow Screencaps readers. Share what it is that takes you to that Jim Belushi at a Cubs game moment of zen. I want to hear from you guys because I'm fully convinced that you're going to help someone get to that happy place in life.

By now you guys know that sitting on the patio at the end of a long day and listening to the birds is where I find peace. I'm not afraid to say it. Don't get me wrong, a Bengals playoff victory sure would be nice, but I'll take the two cardinals chirping away on their way home each night to the neighbor's pine trees.


• Cliff L. writes:

Joe, just wanted to be another fan of your daily content. I live in Phoenix, but my mother-in-law lives near Swan Creek park in Toledo, and appreciate the references you make of the area.

I showed my wife your mention of the time it’s taking to build Maumee river bridge and she got a good laugh.

Going back there this coming week to help my mother-in-law with yard and pool care. The bad thing is she has no internet and I’ll be playing catch-up with screencaps on Labor Day.

Thanks for making mornings great again.

You're welcome. Cliff joins a long list of Screencaps readers with a connection to this part of the country, because this is the part of the country that people take one trip to Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc. and instantly try to figure out why they keep living in this part of the country. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the town where I live. There's a very nice mix of semi-rich, wokes, gun-toting 2As, middle-class-just-leave-me-alone-on-my patio types, people who love a good Thursday night farmer's market, and happy people who want to have a good time all set in a town with a spectacular grid street system that results in properties with one-acre lots within an easy walk to the historic downtown where Ronald Reagan made a whistle-stop in 1984.

But let's be honest, up the road about 8-10 miles and across that Maumee River is pure ghetto trash hell. Thankfully, I don't have to see that unless I want to go see a Mud Hens game.

I clearly get why people leave and then email me to share their connections to the area. The same goes with people from the Dayton area. All I have to do is mention Marion's pizza, Mikesells potato chips, or Hara Arena and the emails start flooding in.

• Chris Y. in Austin, TX sent word this week about his local school district's plan to handle those children who don't intend to wear masks. They're going to segregate the children into masks and unmasked parts of the school building.

• John S. writes:
Just a quick but important point about the Moderna and Pfizer "vaccines".

Nobody has been “vaccinated” from COVID-19. We have been tricked into misusing that term.

We have to stop calling these (Moderna and Pfizer) drugs “Vaccines.” They are really more like the “Flu-shot”

A vaccine inoculates a person to confer immunity against a specific disease. These drugs are not inoculations and haven’t proven to provide immunity. They are COVID-shots, or even gene therapy.

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