Prison Guard Sentenced For Having Sex With Inmate, Shows No Remorse

Should I be surprised that a California prison guard named Tina went off the rails and just started having sex with a prisoner while 11 other prisoners watched? Nope. Should I be surprised that prison authorities say Tina Gonzalez, 26, cut a hole in her uni to make it easier to have sex with the inmate? Nope. Should I be surprised Tina supplied her prison boyfriend with razors and inside information on when cells would be inspected? Nope, nope, nope.

After all, it's 2021, and prison guards like Tina Gonzalez, who was sentenced Tuesday to two years probation and seven months in county jail for her deeds, just can't come to work, do their job and go home without being boned by some deadbeat criminal.

“That is something only a depraved mind can come up with," Fresno County Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas told the Fresno Bee.

Well said, Steve.

So now not only do prison guards have to worry about getting shanked, but they have to worry about Tina wannabees turning prisons into their dong playgrounds. By the way, what the hell was Fresno County thinking when they sent a 'Tina' into a men's prison? It's like they were straight-up asking for something like this.

What would cause Gonzalez to go off the rails like this? From the sound of things she was in the mood for a really bad boy after her marriage ended, according to investigators who had the goods on one of their own.

“I think what you did was terrible, stupid and you have ruined your career,” Judge Michael Idiart told Tina. “But I also believe that people can redeem themselves and you have the rest of your life to do that. Good luck.”

As for remorse, Tina's not down with that. McComas told the newspaper that Tina has shown zero remorse. In fact, McComas says the disgraced guard calls the inmate to have sexually charged conversations and to brag about the prison sex.

Let this serve as your lesson to stay away from Tinas. They're bad news. You've been warned.

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