'Principal Gone Wild': Dr. Dana Simmons & Her PE Teacher Are Accused Of Incredibly Salacious Behavior You'll Want To Read About

First, it was the Tennessee female cop living the 'Girls Gone Wild' lifestyle. Now comes the story of the Georgia high school principal accused of having wild sex with the school's physical education teacher.

Alleged wildcat principal Dr. Dana Simmons and PE teacher Dylan Charles (great porn name, by the way) are being investigated for their activities after Charles told district officials he'd been having an affair with Simmons. The PE teacher handed over photos of the couple kissing, but Simmons denies banging the PE teacher. She calls it an "inappropriate friendship."

But this story is just heating up because Dylan Charles had a few things to get off his chest.

According to WSB-TV, Charles also shared a photo of a man and woman having sex. The faces were blurred, but he said that was himself and Simmons getting it on and there's more. Let's create a bullet-point alleged evidence list:

• A nude photo of Simmons (allegedly, of course) in a room (believed to be a restroom) next to her office

• A photo of Simmons performing oral on a man in a car

• Video of a man and woman having sex

At some point in the investigation, Simmons did admit to having a sexual relationship with Charles and noted that the PE teacher's wife, Kelsey, would set up the sexual encounters between her husband and the boss and stayed around to watch the pair have sex.

Woah, we have full escalation, folks!

Let's keep this party rocking.

Investigators eventually got around to questioning the school's attendance clerk who claims she had viewed a text message from the PE teacher's wife asking the principal if she wanted to bang her husband. “Would you like to f— my husband?” the text allegedly read.

Apparently, she did.

So what's the PE teacher's wife have to say about all these salacious details? Kelsey Charles claims the principal manipulated the couple with promises of helping their careers and the cost of doing business would be sex with the husband.

Talk about a plot line straight out of a PornHub movie!

The wife also says she would stick around and record the sex.

Now the principal and the PE teacher are both out of jobs and they're being splashed across tabloids around the world.

“Upon receiving allegations involving the matter at hand, the District immediately hired independent investigators to conduct an investigation and provide a report of findings,” Banks County Superintendent Ann Hopkins said in a statement to WSB-TV announcing the district's decision. “The investigative report in question was reviewed by law enforcement for evidence of criminal activity and none was found. The educators involved are no longer teaching Banks County students.

“The safety and well-being of our students is always our first priority. The investigation into this event did not yield any indication that student safety or security was compromised.”

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