Post Malone Falls, Cracks Three Ribs, Drinks A Beer, Finishes Show

Post Malone really left it all onstage Saturday night in St. Louis. The rapper was in the midst of performing his song "Circles" when he went down hard.

He ate it hard. There was no way that custom Blues jersey offered any padding either.

Medics were on the scene in an instant, but the medicine Post Malone wasn't going to be in any first-aid kit, it was sitting in the green room fridge.

Despite cracking three ribs, Malone came back onstage to apologize for the delay. Then someone apparently gave him a beer and he got through the show. I'm not sure whether it dulled the pain, or whether beer gives him Popeye the Sailor-like powers.

The rapper blamed his spill on "a big ass hole" in the stage. This is the exact reason why Van Halen used to demand there not be any brown M&Ms backstage. They knew if the promoter went so far as to pluck out certain colored candies, then they read the rest of the concert rider. They knew the lightning rig wouldn't fall on them and they wouldn't have to contend with big ass holes in the stage.

Maybe, Post Malone has something in his rider about there not being any big ass holes in the stage and had no way of knowing that it hadn't been followed.

I mean that's almost certainly not what happened, but maybe he'll add a "No big ass holes in the stage" clause to his contracts moving forward.

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