Pop Singer Olivia Rodrigo Seemed To Have Fun At The Phillies Game

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo did her part to make baseball cool for the TikTok generation by showing up to Thursday's Mets-Phillies game and going nuts dancing to her new song on the scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park.

In a wild moment of synergy between old school Major League Baseball and the Rodrigo generation, the Phillies in-game fun & entertainment staff blared the singer's new single "good 4 u" over the speakers which led the Grammy winner to go nuts.

This is how it's done, baseball. You take a pop singer with 25 million Instagram followers and give her a viral moment. The lesson here is that you have to think outside the box here and come up with content ideas for the Tok generation that wants these 15-second moments for their digital collections.

As the Savannah Bananas of the Coastal Plain League has shown us, it's OK to make going to the game about having fun and not caring about the on-field product on an early May evening. It's more about making life seem fun and the ballpark a place where the cool kids hang out.

Job well done, Rodrigo.

It's been a huge week for the pop singer who figures to go on a 6-8 year run as one of the biggest pop icons in the world. Monday, Rodrigo was at the Met Gala wearing a Donatella Versace dress and raising her profile.

Then she ends up at the Phillies game. What a week. Is the Kentucky Derby next?

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